It’s time for the reveal! Lose Myself comes out today and this week to announce the release, I am so excited to invite you to the INDABA REMIX COMPETITION! The awesome folks at Indaba Music are hosting a Lose Myself remix competition.  You could win $2,000.  YOU COULD WIN $2,000.  
Any budding remixers/producers/etc, I encourage you to enter.  Not only will I feel extremely flattered, but once again, you could win $2,000. The contest is due to start this Thursday 13th & submissions are due by October 8th! 
Stream / buy the single here to get ready for the competition. I will post the competition link here as soon as it goes live. Remixers at the ready…
Hey guys…I have a new song I’m really excited about AND releasing today (in a pretty cool way).  Stay tuned! 
New music and video coming next week….let’s get lost.
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THIS LOOKS PRETTY COOL.  Come check me and these girls out, along with the other awesome bands.  Tonight!  Everything great starts at 8.  



Our EP is now printed and with limited edition covers! We will debut them THIS Saturday 8/4 at PIANOS in the lower east side
(158 Ludlow Street NYC)

We are playing with really awesome bands, there will be projections, and Rosie will be playing with light-up drumsticks (I kid you not.)…

NEXT SATURDAY.  Show starts at 8, fun starts at 8, see you at 8, I’m on at 10.  
annnd you can RSVP HERE :)
Thanks, Deli Mag ;)  Full interview here.
INDEPENDENCE DAY.  A day for celebration of many kinds.  This year, I Am Lightyear is celebrating an independence from Lauren Zettler by way of MEGA SALE.
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Codes are good for this entire week!  Hurrah! 
Baby you’re a firework,
The kind folks at AOL Spinner premiered the NAOAN remix of “Home” for you to download and dance to!  Get it get it.