A Word About Art.

Humans have such beautiful, creative minds.  When you have a group of people stirring a pot, it can get a little crazy.  In the case of the Lightyear, I think I lucked out.  

Do you guys know who Hollie Chastain is?  You should.  She is amazing. I found her via her original art, which you can view (and purchase) here: Hollie’s Etsy Shop

I loved one of her pieces so much, I asked her to customize it for me.  The result was beyond any expectation I could have had.

Do you guys know I Love Misery?  A handsome man named Jose designed the Lightyear logo for me with hardly any direction at all.  I LOVE IT.  

I’m sure most of you are familiar with Allison Weiss.  Never heard of her?  What?  She is responsible for bringing everything together, web-wise.  Website, tumblr, twitter, bandcamp.  She is my hero.  

And finally, the tallest of them all, Mr. Shervin Lainez.  Where would I be without his ability to express the spirit of this project via his beautiful photography?

Just giving credit where credit is due.  Nobody really does anything alone, you know?  I am a lucky girl.  

You can still pre-order via iamlightyear.bandcamp.com 

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    All gorgeous. So worth the wait.
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    so sweet. lauren was an absolute dream to work with! it was such a fun experience and i’ve had her music on in the...
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    Big kudos to LZ for the new EP. The music is awesome, but I also love some well done artwork that is part of the whole...
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