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Settle down in your room at a moment when you have nothing else to do. Say “I am now with myself,” and just sit with yourself. After an amazingly short time you will most likely feel bored.

This teaches us one very useful thing. It gives us insight into the fact that if after ten minutes of being alone with ourselves we feel like that, it is no wonder that others should feel equally bored! Why is this so? It is so because we have so little to offer to our own selves as food for thought, for emotion and for life.

If you watch your life carefully you will discover quite soon that we hardly ever live from within outwards; instead we respond to incitement, to excitement. In other words, we live by reflection, by reaction…We are completely empty, we do not act from within ourselves but accept as our life a life which is actually fed in from the outside; we are used to things happening which compel us to do other things.

How seldom can we live simply by means of the depth and the richness we assume that there is within ourselves.

— Metropolitan Anthony Of Sourozh, from Why Is This So? (via violentwavesofemotion)

I think I’ve discovered the secret of life — you just hang around until you get used to it.

— Charles M. Schulz (via observando)

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I’m in North Carolina. It’s lush. The green gushes from the trees and ground, spills down the vine covered walls. The bushes blossom white, like flowery afros growing out of the damp mulch.

It’s been 3 and a half years since I was last here. It was a road trip, with three friends. Girls….


- Question submitted Anonymously & Answered by Broderick Greer, Master’s of Divinity student

Broderick Says:

I am writing this response as a son, not as a parent. Since I do not have children of my own, it would be disingenuous for me to claim that I know what it is like to have a son or…


New day … New you! Go get it! Don’t quit!
— Amanda Burgess

Roby Dwi Antono (b. 1990, Ambarawa, Semarang, Indonesia) - Bird And Tree     Drawings: Graphite


When our actions become a reflection of our character, we lean more heavily toward the moral and generous choices. Over time it can become part of us.